How to Conduct Your Own Stake-Out & Surveillance

How to Conduct a Stake-Out & Surveillance

With these useful tips on How to Conduct a Stake-Out & Surveillance you yourself can be a private eye. When conducting your own stake-out or surveillance, make sure to “cover your bases” before you begin. Make sure you plan ahead and have any necessary items with you. If you are conducting surveillance for court purposes, be sure to document time and location of your stake-out or surveillance. As a precaution, non-professionals should only attempt Relationship Investigations surveillance.

· Always carry a digital camera, some sort of recording devise, binoculars, and paper with a pen for notes.

· Be unnoticed—Conduct the stakeout from a rented car if possible. Try to find one with tinted windows.

· Conduct a “spot check”—Drive by the location one time before setting up your position.

· Park on the opposite side of the street—this will make you less noticeable to people.

· Jump in the back seat—this will appear that you are waiting for someone. If you have tinted window, you will go more unnoticed.

· Bring a friend or two to help—this looks less suspicious and they may help you see something you missed.

· Try to notice any suspicious activity coming from the person or building you are observing. Record whatever you see so you have visual evidence of the person or people you are looking at.

· Get a plain looking “paper plate” from a local car dealership can be a helpful when going undercover.

· Bring an extra large empty water bottle because you’ll have to use the bathroom at some point

· Bring adequate water and snacks, you may be out there a while.

· A viewing or recording device is usually handy.

· Someone may approach you; have a good story made up about why you’re out there-carry a map with you-pretend you are lost.

· Wear sunglasses and a baseball cap to disguise your face and hair-be sure NOT to wear bright colors or “fancy” sunglasses.

· If a subject uses an elevator, do not press a floor button; or choose the one for the top floor subject.

· When following at night, if you get a chance, put a piece of reflector tape on the rear of the subject’s car to insure you are following the right car.

· Always top off your tank before you start—you never know how far you may have to follow.

· Carry bridge toll money-if necessary.

Is She For Real – A 007 Agent?

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