How to perform your own skip tracing

Have you wondered whatever happened to your high school sweetheart or your old classmate? How about the person who ran out on your bill you can’t find?
In a few simple steps I am going to show you how to find the person you are looking for yourself for free and very quickly. Sometimes these techniques are right under your nose.

The very first place to start is the most obvious.

If you’re reading this article, there’s a 99.9% chance that you own or have access to a computer. Search engines can be a wonderful tool for locating an individual. Use the larger search engines to your advantage. Start by simply putting in the person in question’s name. Almost all search engines also have an advanced search feature where you can add other parameters to your search. So by using these tools, you can add all of the information known to you. Once in a while, you’ll come up with a direct hit. Sometimes even the whole enchilada. Name, Address, Phone #, etc. You can even use the Google map for directions!

So my advice to you is to always start there. It’s the least expensive, most accessible method available to the general public.

There are also a few other methods that the average Joe can use to do a skip trace themselves.

Here are just a couple.

One great method to use in order to locate that long-lost lover or old chum from high school is to simply call any of your old friends that you know had contact with them. You would be surprised to find how many people are still in touch. Occasionally, it can be just that simple. No magic there. A simple phone call and your search is over.

Another avenue for your people search is to beat the sidewalk. If you happen to still live in the town where you knew the person originally, visit the old neighborhood, and any old friends or acquaintances that you can find that still live there. You can also just knock on the doors of the Skip’s old neighbors. Ask questions. Lots of them.

If you have a phone number of someone related to the person you are looking for, call and use a gag explaining to them that you are from Local drug store such as Longs or Rite Aid and an old reconstructed photo of such a person has not been claimed. you just need a number or address to send it to them or you would have to destroy it. Bingo. They usually give it you.

You could also try telling them that you are the person former landlord and a fairly large deposit was supposed to be refunded back to the person but you can’t locate them.

Do your home work first and know a little background about that person so you don’t get yourself into trouble by saying the wrong thing.

Another method you can use is send a letter to the person you are trying to find to their last known address.

However, some exact phrasing must be present on the letter in order for this to be successful. You must, I repeat, absolutely must, write in larger bold letters above the person’s address these words: “ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED, DO NOT FORWARD. NOTIFY SENDER OF NEW ADDRESS.” If the person has filed a change of address card, many times the post office will simply send the letter back to you with the new address on the letter. This is a trick that is not known by many and often will let you know exactly where you’re skip trace is now residing. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it’s exhilarating to know that you accomplished your search for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

A word of caution. It can be dangerous, attempting to locate someone that you have not spoken to for many years. People often change, their lives change and their situations also change. You never know what their world is like currently, nor do you know what you’re getting yourself into. Walk lightly, and be very careful. There are many cases where people have been seriously injured and even had their lives taken by attempting to contact someone from their past. Please be careful. We suggest that if you know, or even think, there is the possibility of danger, PLEASE contact a professional to handle the search for you.

Word of caution. I have been trained to handle these situations, and much, much more. Many times, it’s not the situation itself, but the unseen that can cause problems. I am trained to handle these instances. We know that you want to find this person, but for peace of mind and personal safety, we always suggest that you contact someone that specializes in the field. Let us free up your time, provide for your safety and use our expertise to make every attempt at realizing your goal and locating the person in question.

As I mentioned above, there are many databases available for searching in order to locate someone that has long since moved away. However, one of the benefits of being a licensed investigator in the state of California is that I also have access to databases that are not accessible by the general public. This gives me the edge necessary to provide you with results. After a quick consultation, you’ll also see that this is quite affordable.

Sometimes, even less than what you see in those self-help kits advertised on television or online. Consultation is always free. So if you are looking for someone, take just a minute and call my office. It only takes a few minutes, and we may be able to help you decide what avenue is best for you. We do have some excellent success stories, and my firm could help you locate that part of your life that you miss so much. So don’t lose any more precious time. Click Here to visit my website.

The TOP 3 Reasons You Will Lose Your House, Spouse and Money If You Don’t Hire a Private Investigator!

A Private Investigator today is not like the P.I.’s on T.V. They actually do an abundance of activities that go from the mundane, background checks for corporations, to the exciting, child abduction recovery. Hiring a P.I. is simple, most people believe it costs too much or they just don’t know where to go to get their services.

Costs are reasonable and you can find P.I.’s in all of the common places – Yellow Pages, Google, referrals etc. But why would you want to hire a P.I. and what do their services entail? Here are the Top 5 reasons people hire P.I.’s and what the services should include – so you have a checklist to review as you hire any potential P.I. for your needs:


Who would need to conduct a background check to ensure their safety (monetary or physical safety):

Human Resources Departments at large or small corporations – an new employee could potentially be bringing some bad habits or issues with them that could potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars in losses, lawsuits and/or lost man-hours of work.

Parents who are looking to hire a live-in Nanny – will your children be safe with the person who is watching them? Do they have the certifications that you are requiring? A check can also determine any previous issues with past clients.

Homeowners or business owners who are looking to hire a general contractor for work – this is a big one. Are they true to their word? The contractor may have a background of overrunning job budgets or not finishing on time. They may also have outstanding liens against their company based on work that was not completed or previous project issues.

Get A Background Check Now

A family member who is looking into care facilities for elderly loved ones to ensure that they will be getting the best care possible – again if someone is taking care of a loved one, especially elder care, what are their certifications and are they current as described.

Dating someone on line – this is fast becoming one of the most researched fields for P.I.’s due to horror stories you hear about meeting people online and then having the person you thought they were turn into someone else.

Business ventures with a new partner – a new business venture is a touchy subject and a persons past can definitely affect the future of any relationship, especially if you are now venturing forth as partners. Find out what you can before the ink dries.


An extensive background check from a reputable source will include:
Bankruptcies, liens & Judgments Search
Business License
Cellular Phone Number Search
Civil History
Corporate & Limited Partnership Filing Search
Credential Verification
Criminal History Database
Criminal History On-Site
Drivers History
Education Verification
Employment Verification
Federal Civil History
Federal Criminal History
Fictitious Business Name Search
Fire Arms Search
License Plate or VIN Search
Media Searches
National Criminal Index Database Search
National Death Locator
OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control)
Officers/Directors Records Search
Personal Reference Verification
Phone – landline Number Search
Professional License Verification
Real Property Ownership Search
Sex Offender Search
Social Security Trace
Toll Free Number Search
UCC Filing Search
Utility Search
Vehicle and Vessel Search
Voter Registration
Watercraft Search
Workers’ Comp. Filing Search
Terrorist – Multinational Search



A private investigator is able to track real estate records and registered personal property belonging to any subject. Real estate records include assessor, deed, refinance and foreclosure records. Personal property records include aircraft, watercraft and stock ownership records for shareholders holding at least 10% of stock in public companies including the directors and top executive officers. the nationwide Asset Search also include tax Liens, judgments, notices of default, bankruptcies, lawsuits, business asset search, business credit check, business records, jury verdicts, news/media search and much more.


Identity theft and identity fraud are terms used to refer to types of crime in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another individual’s personal data in a way that involves fraud or deception, typically for economic gain. Unlike fingerprints, which are unique to an individual and cannot be given to someone else for their use, personal data—especially Social Security numbers, bank account or credit card numbers, telephone calling card numbers, and other valuable identifying data—can be used by someone to personally profit at the victim’s expense.

Unauthorized persons take funds out of others’ bank or financial accounts or take over their identities altogether, running up debts and committing crimes while using the victims’ names. A victim’s losses may include not only out-of-pocket financial losses, but additional costs associated with trying to restore his reputation in the community and correcting erroneous information about his financial or personal status.

The most common form of identity theft is when someone obtains the Social Security number (SSN) and perhaps a few other pieces of information about an individual, and uses that information to impersonate them and obtain credit in their name. The imposter might apply for credit, rent an apartment, get phone service, buy a car — and then not pay the bills, giving the victim a bad credit rating. Victims must then spend months and typically years regaining their financial health.

Private investigators can help you with your complaint to the proper law enforcement authorities by providing a declaration as to the search, which you can use with both law enforcement and your creditors. This process should help expedite the process of straightening out problems with creditors.